What do you use an orbital jigsaw for?

A jigsaw machine is a type of machine that is used for cutting different sheets in different angles/measurements. Certainly, jigsaw machines are designed with dissimilar types and sizes for performing multiple cutting tasks.

Orbital jigsaw machine can cut flooring sheets in orbital swinging actions. This machine is capable of cutting a sheet internally than in a straight pattern.

You may consider this round counting of an orbital machine as pendulum action; because the machine cuts perfectly with the swinging action. Actually, it slants the blade backward with the cutting edge in each stroke.

Often people know orbital jigsaw as an orbital saber saw machines; because it is designed with a durable motor, one plastic handle, and some other working instruments. The main part of an orbital jigsaw machine is its narrow blade, which is fixed on the top as perpendicular of the machine.

An orbital jigsaw machine’s blade comes up and moves down in every stroke. You may consider this machine as reciprocating saw machine. However, a reciprocating saw can cut in curves and intricate scroll in wooden sheets and other materials.

In the market, there is a variety of orbital jigsaw machines; some are designed with electric cords while rest is cordless and powered by lithium-ion batteries. For me, cord-free orbital jigsaws are better than corded jigsaws.

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Usages of orbital jigsaw machines:

  1. An Orbital jigsaw machine is one of the best cutting tools that can cut fast through materials. Orbital jigsaw has offered us an adjustable orbital action setting through we may cut different materials from the top. This machine has robust cutting settings by which you may cut soft wooden sheets in pendulum style.
  2. Not only sheets but orbital jigsaw machine can be used for thicker pieces of softwood with grains. Undoubtedly in this cutting, orbital jigsaw shines and cuts awesomely.
  3. The robust cutting styles are more effective for rough cuttings, for the soft wooden pieces as compare to the other standard cutting actions.
  4. Let me tell you further that an orbital jigsaw machine can cut for different materials also including; plasterboard, plastic, laminate countertops, countertops, and many related.
  5. Similarly, orbital actioner jigsaw machine with the lower cuttings setting is much useful for cutting thick metal sheets such as aluminum. This machine is also best for cutting plastic sheets roughly and straight.
  6. At lower settings, we may use it slightly because at lower setting orbital jigsaw machines are best for making curves, designs, scrolls, etc.
  7. Remember, it must be turned off (orbital action) after completing a task; for next plunge cut, you will require a durable and sharp blade for accuracy.

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